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Monday, October 22, 2007

Some Poets of our Time 

Some Poets of our Time

They are craftsmen of a high order.
They use their instruments to carve
images of precision and exactitude
onto surfaces of fine glass and steel.

They delineate the inner stuff
of the stone, with its
immaculate durability,
the yielding softness
of the blossom opening
on the tender bough--
all with such skill,
such unassailable deftness,
that we ourselves become the stone,
the flower,
the flowing stream
rushing over the
luminous blue-glazed

They lead us into
all things tangible and named,
delight of discovery in
a defined universe.

They never talk of god.
The are afraid to mention
her name.
They fear that their
skulls might crack open,
thunder and lightning
rush in,
everything in tumult,
all order lost.

They wear tight helmets.
They do not violate the code.

Dorothy Walters
October 22, 2007

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