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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Poems by Elizabeth Reninger 

Here are two poems from my friend Beth Reninger. Beth lives in Boulder where she writes poetry, teaches chi gong, performs acupuncture, and continues to sharpen her vast knowledge of ancient wisdom texts, particularly those in the Buddhist and yogic traditions. She has published one book of poems.


their steps are liquid
through air, delicate
as spring's first flower

their shy gaze darts
here and there, a quick
knowing deeper
than sight

in a loose
weave they travel, giving space
to trees and sky

like you the valley
grows gentle around them


just as
the full moon slipped

into the arms of
that maple dressed in

best You
slipped into
me: a silver-white

softly spherical
clear and

sweet as
dawn yet
even more

mysterious -

Copyright, Elizabeth Reninger

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