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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Underside of Flowers, The Stone Lion (poems) 

The Underside of Flowers

I declared my softness
and all soft things
saluted me:
the underside
of the asters
waiting to bloom,
the furry creature
scurrying across
the velvet floor
of the garden at midnight,
the bird circling above
join us, you will
like it here,
we swoop through air,
capering as we go,
cutting the sky
into soft wedges
of silence,
bits of quiet which fall
and enfold you into

Dorothy Walters
October 12, 2007

The Stone Lion

Then I said,
I am hard,
as steel,
as an old iron sword
soaked in water
and run
through fire,
something a spell
was cast on,
an ancient boat
hollowed from wood,
the stone lion
guarding the gate,
the look in an eye
that says, I won't,
not ever.

Dorothy Walters
October 12, 2007

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