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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Face of Yehudi Amachi 

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The Face of Yehudi Amachi (poem)

(The ecstasy of Kundalini, though it seems to occur in a timeless realm, is nonetheless connected to the world of time and human events, many of which reflect sadness rather than joy. It is, I think, important to acknowledge the "shadow" and to maintain awareness of the dual nature of the reality in which we live, rejecting neither side of the equation.

Yehudi Amachai was one of the major poets of the last century. A Jew born in Germany, his life was touched by many of the significant historical events of that era, and his writing is often imbued with a sense of sorrow at what he witnessed during those chaotic times. I think it is important to recognize the work of such poets, who offer "time filtered through a sensibility," even though we may not always agree with them in their personal viewpoints.

Further, many think that Kundalini itself can be a prime source of creative energy. Hence it behooves us to pay homage to the many artists among us.)

The Face of Yehudi Amachi

His was the open eye
that recorded the storm,
counted the victims.

Saw what happened
when the soldiers
entered the city
and the houses fell.

Nothing is beyond him.
Not rage,
not terror,
not the cry
of the woman
being raped in the night,
the moans
of the six million.

He has lived many years.

Now he knows

Now he is
telling his grief,
his abiding sorrow,
is his own “sad good man.”

Dorothy Walters
August, 2007

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