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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Guides 

The Guides

Whoever you were,
you companioned me
from early on,
your words falling
into my ears
like drops of sweet oil
to sooth a child's complaint

Always you took me
led me to wisdom books
where each page became
an open passage
through unexplored
revelations lurked
like exotic species,
strange animals peering
from tropical darkness.

Now your whispered truths
have merged into my cells,
become how I see the
things around me. . . .
the bent tree bowing to heaven,
the bee hovering,
ready to make love to
its waiting paramour,
the scarlet bird caught against
the anguish
of the whitening sky.

And always,
the indefinable bliss
when you appear.

Dorothy Walters
November 6, 2007

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