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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Carpenter Dreams (poem) 

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Carpenter Dreams

In my work I turn matter into spirit.
Louise Nevelson (paraphrase)

The carpenter dreams
of varied dimensions.
Of measurements and
plumb lines and squares,
everything fitting
exactly into place
according to design
like an unfurling pattern
on a seamless cloth.


And then there are
the cathedrals
with their vast souls.
The stonemasons
from place to place,
one sacred location
to another,
carrying with them
their builder’s trade,
the secrets of their
craft and faith,
only the initiates
allowed to know
how to insert spirit
into matter,
how to become
the hand of the unseen.
At night they flew high
in their calculated sleep,
setting the final slabs
of the steeple upright,
ready to ascend to
their immeasurable heaven.


As for the pyramids,
construction through Mystery,
hallowed code.
How did they raise
those heavy blocks?
Fit them with
such precision
and certitude?
(even your knifeblade
won’t slip through)
Who set them so exactly
into the directions,
sun and stars in total alignment,
the ray of light striking through
the narrow aperture,
your heart waiting.

Dorothy Walters
December 9, 2007

(For those who might not know: The Stonemasons of medieval Europe were members of a special Craft Guild. Acceptance into the guild meant that you also became part of a secret spiritual order, with private rituals and beliefs. Today this group is known simply as the Masons.

There is still much uncertainly as to how the heavy stones of the pyramids were brought to the sites and then lifted into place. Many of the “explanations” don’t seem to hold up under close inspection. They were too heavy to transport by water, and no trees in the area were strong enough to serve as a system of wooden “rollers.” As for the lifting process, earthen ramps and wooden rollers have been suggested, but critics point out that rain would have quickly melted the earth. Personally, I prefer the notion of help from outer space, perhaps angelic beings who brought knowledge which allowed both the transport and raising of the heavy stone blocks through levitation. And built into certain of the pyramids was a small opening, which allowed a beam of light to strike a predetermined place at certain times of the year.)

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