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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Durga (poem) 

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Durga is one of the strongest gods of all. She rides on a tiger and carries various weapons in her many arms. She is venerated with 100 blue lotuses, and in some depictions, lotuses appear to be springing from her crown.

Here is how she was created: A great battle was going on between Good and Evil (a demon.) The major gods were helpless to deal with the threat, so they gathered and concentrated their energies. Flames sprang from their mouths, the flames merged, and thus Durga was formed, embodiment of Shakti stronger than the other gods all together.

Durga also symbolizes the rule of the intellectual sphere; to seek to understand her is to engage in the most powerful intellectual exploration possible.

But, like many "warrior queens," Durga has a soft side as well. In her peaceful form she is worshipped as MahaGauri, The Fair Lady, and Shree Shantadurga. The poem addresses her in this "peaceful" aspect, though mindful of her fierce qualities.

For today, Durga represents to many women an emblem of power and strength,uniting masculine energy and female compassion.

After Mirabai



Oh, my dear one,
we have danced like this
for a thousand years.

Forever would I stay
with you,
the lotus blooms
in your hair,
your golden bracelets
as you turn.

Let your sweet energies
flow into my body
and give me strength and joy.

Gladly would I die
for this embrace,
your breast against mine.

Dorothy Walters
December 18, 2007

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