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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Gods at Play 

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The Gods at Play

What is the point
of having a god
if he runs amok
among the women,
assumes lewd postures
upon a gift shop wall.

I am not talking
about the old gods
who descended seriously,
found their maidens,
gave them sacred progeny,
though they too
sometimes broke the rules.

Or sweet Krishna
with his magic flute,
luring the milkmaids
eager to answer his call,
so many at once.

Nor yet the holy light
which cast its rays
upon sanctity,
begot the sacred child.

But this,
this bawdy scene,
what can it be called
but titillation for the
lascivious eye,
amusement for
the eager voyeur,
the shadow side of god.

(Note: written after viewing a picture of Hanuman, the monkey god of India, copulating with a mortal woman. For me, this graphic depiction was a caricature of sacred union.)

Dorothy Walters
December 15, 2007

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