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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jaya Jagadambe 

(Paravati--image from source)

After Mirabai


Jaya Jagadambe

Jaya Jagadambe
Sita Radhe
Gauri Durge Namo Namah
Sita Ram

(tranditional song)

Oh, why did I think
I could ever leave you,
my precious ones.
I have loved you
from the beginning of time,
locked you in my heart.

Laksme, Radhe, Parvati,
oh, mysterious and shining ones,
oh, my beloveds,
draw near so that I may
shower you with petals,
bathe you in honey.

Durga hold me now,
cover me with kisses,
bring me to Jagadambe
when I am ready.

Dorothy Walters
December 18, 2007

Laksmi, the furrow born, radiant one
Radhe, fortunate one, wife of Krishna
Parvati, brilliant one
Durga, Incomprehensible one, bringer of self-knowledge
Jagadambe, Mother of the Universe

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