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Monday, December 03, 2007

Message from Tosha Silver 

I recently received the following message from my friend Tosha Silver, a gifted psychic reader and personal counselor. Her words contain much wisdom for us all at this time of transition.

(for further information, see her sites at: www.toshasilver.com

December 2007


"Walk out of your old thoughts, walk into a new life."
--Stephen Karcher, Total I Ching

Hi everyone,

This is my first mailing in almost a year, though I plan to get back in touch about once a month in 2008.

December,astrologically-speaking, is a time of mammoth, even epic, changes. Saturn moved into Virgo early in the fall, and now the lunar nodes prepare for Aquarius and Leo, while Jupiter and Pluto get ready to enter Capricorn. A fateful meeting of these two powerhouses occurs in Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years on Dec.11. People have been telling me in readings how they feel the insistent, irresistable energy of birth arriving in their lives, one way or another

I too have been opening out of a coccoon after a long retreat to resume teleclasses and workshops in 2008. Perhaps you've been feeling this energy of emergence yourself. I'll be in touch soon about new offerings.

In the meantime, I continue to give individual astrology and psychic readings (and will accept a limited number of new clients for charts in 2008). Feel free to email me about these. Email always receives much faster response time than telephone.

So the tides are shifting. How can anyone ride them in the most uplifting, positive way, in a way that benefits all? In a way that moves with the Divine flow?

Here's one possibility.

"Acknowledging the Source"

During major transitional times likes these, it can be really helpful to remember the Divine as the Source of all abundance.

Transits like the ones we're in can shake life's foundations. We might fall into thinking the current job, relationship, or living situation, IS our security.

But this is illusion. As soon as you remember the Divine is the Source,things get simple.

Here's an affirmation I've found invaluable: "The Universe ITSELF is my Source. It always provides all I need".

The derailed train of perception returns to the proper track. Divine Order unfolds. Doors open in highly unexpected, synchronous ways. Things fall into place organically, without pushing. I have seen this with so many clients for so many years that my doubt on this topic is over.

By invoking Divine Order, the illusions of competition, jealousy and envy dissolve like salt in water. When you know you'll be guided to all that is right for you, no need to covet someone else's karma.

Isn't this just giving credit where credit is due? After all, who brought the partner, the job, the home, the body in the first place? As soon as the Divine is restored to its proper status as the source of all, energy begins to realign. Leads present themselves to be followed. Solutions come in the right time, in the right way.

Perhaps as as the poet Hafiz would say, God just wants to be included.

The No Worry CD Trilogy available below has much more on this topic.

Big Holiday Sale on CD Sets

I now have 3 different cd sets in a beautiful new format to help keep the mind peaceful and content, no matter what the transits.

Do you know someone who is so stressed that breathing seems like an exotic luxury? These cds can help anyone who needs a map back to peace and sanity. They are filled with practical techniques and meditations for riding the wild waves of life's changes.

Because I believe so deeply in these tools, I'm doing a major sale FOR THE MONTH OF DECEMBER ONLY to make them easy to purchase.

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Any of these titles can be a wonderful, pragmatic gift for someone you love, including yourself. All are available in MP3 format as well, especially handy for international orders.


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Does your mind sometimes drive you crazy? Is anxiety a frequent companion?

This set is a comprehensive, practical guide for
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3-cd set/also available as an mp3

Ready to give up overgiving?

Especially for overgivers,helping professionals,and "people who love too much." Covers the connection between breath and receiving, welcoming divine assistance, and receptivity as a spiritual practice.

Also, includes why giving to yourself first is essential, refilling from the Divine, handling difficult families (or partners), and receiving help from plants, animals, and nature.

Covers filling up on the inside, moving out of grasping, receiving the universal flow of the shakti, and letting the inner self reveal your secret gifts. Includes guided meditations.

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A User's Guide to Your Own Energy

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Includes detailed information on psychic cords, chakras, intentions, energy-clearing, grounding, protection, and much more.

May you have a wonderful holiday season,filled with peace and steady, bounding leaps of faith!

"God will make a way out of no way."


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