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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Morning Thoughts 

Some morning thoughts

The spiritual body
does not need a wardrobe.
The garment of the soul
is Love.

However we come to god(the goddess),
we are acceptable.
No one is refused
because of appearances.

The reality is
that there is no reality
we can catch hold of.
We dwell in Mystery
which speaks to us
in unknown syllables.

Whatever we are looking for,
we will find it
in our own hearts,
or we will not find it at all.

Do not ask,
“what am I supposed to be doing?”
You know very well what it is
that you must do.
You chose it as your path
before you were born.
Give up your questioning
and be about your life work.

The indweller
is always present,
waiting for you to attend.

Whatever you do,
never forget
who you are.

However you define “life,”
it is not what you say.
You can live it,
but never know it.

When we arrive at a
certain point in life,
our goal is to become
more fully ourselves.
We no longer care what
the “others” think or do.
Our only allegiance is
to the soul.

Dorothy Walters
December 12, 2007

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