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Monday, December 24, 2007

Sheep at Christmastide 

Here is Wonder as a lamb.

(picture by Stephanie Marohn)

Sheep play a major role in the Christmas story. And recently I attended (twice) an amazing play based on the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece.

So this might be the time to describe my recent encounter with a sheep, who has become an intimate part of my life.

The setting was Stephanie Marohn's Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary provides for various rescued animals (all large) including several sheep. Each year, when the sheep grow heavy with wool, Stephanie has them sheared and then she sends the wool to be made into wonderful "quilts" or comforters of wool batting.

When I visited Stephanie several months ago, I ran my hand above a few of these (her own) and could indeed feel sweet energies flowing through. I was surprised and delighted, for each comforter seemed to speak (to my inner ear) a message as well (such as "I love you," or "Tee hee, tee hee"--the latter from a young and somewhat giddy young sheep.)

So I decided to buy a comforter for myself, and went up recently to the Shelter to pick one out. There were seven newly created comforters in all, and each had a different feeling and message.

Here is what they said and how they felt on Friday, November 30, 2007:

(At first, I felt each one not knowing which sheep the wool came from--the energies seemed to enter mainly through the lower chakras, at least initially. This did not surprise me, since animals tend to live more in their bodies than their heads.)

Wonder 1 (not one of my final three choices): I will heal you.

Chloe: I will make you strong.

Samantha 1 (not the comforter from her that I actually chose): My body seemed to feel pain coming through, but I did not know why.

Charlotte: I did not seem to connect with her. She did not seem eager to go with me.

Finally, I narrowed the group of seven to three top contenders. At this point, I believe I had Stephanie read me the descriptions of the personalities of these sheep.

Here were the final three:

Samantha 2 (the comforter I actually chose): I like you and we will have so much fun together.

Wonder 2: I felt high energy zinging through my body. I felt strength here too. Wonder said, I like you. At this point an image of a rose came into my mind. Wonder added, We could be friends for life. You would really like me because we're already in tune. I can be your soul mate.

Isabel: I felt her joy, but she was also serious. She felt "really, really, really nice." She had strong pulsations. (She was the younger sheep I had encountered before.)

Now, the message from Wonder (2) was extremely compelling. But after Stephanie read me their descriptions, I chose Samantha, who was known as the "wild and free" spirit. Samantha was found by the side of the road as a newborn lamb with her umbilical cord still attached. She was taken to an animal rescue center nearby and hand raised there, being bottle fed. When she grew up, she got along well with her caretakers and her fellow sheep, but she liked to be alone most of the time. She spent her days up on a hill, communing with nature. I felt she was right for me. I never was one to follow the herd (in this case, flock).

So I brought my free spirit home and we have lived together happily ever since.

To read more about Stephanie and her Wonderlamb Shoppe and her Animal Sanctuary, go to http://www.stephaniemarohn.com/ Do give her a visit.

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