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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Exciting new online resources 

(Photo by N. M. Rai)

Teri Degler, a writer and spiritual consultant in Canada, has just launched an exciting new internet newsletter called "The Feminine Fire." The publication will highlight various women who have been especially inspirational to other women in their lives and work. It is an exciting venture, and I recommend it (the newsletter) strongly. Teri has written on kundalini ("Toward a Farther Shore"--along with Yvonne Kasen), and is especially interested in the relation of kundalini to the creative process. To receive this publication online, write to her at:


Another wonderful site has been set up by yet another friend, Donna Eaglesmith. Donna is a painter living in Santa Fe. Her site features her recent paintings, all of which speak to us on a deep level. Donna is also familiar with the kundalini process and its relation to creativity. See her work at: www.donnaeagles.com

And there is also a third site I have recently discovered. It is www.persimmontree.org This free internet newsletter is dedicated to the writings of women over sixty. Its audience is growing rapidly as more and more readers discover this truly valuable new resource.

All of these reflect the capacity of the internet to link like minded souls, and to push us ahead in the development of what Peter Russell called "The Global Brain." The " global brain connections" are indeed being established in many ways, and it is quite gratifying to witness this long awaited process occur at this crucial point in our development as a race. May we all move forward together in this exciting time of personal and planetary evolution.

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