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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Poem by Larry Robinson 

Could this be the year?

Could this be the year the troops come home
from every battle every land everywhere -
home to love healing peace?

Could this be the year we build more homes than bombs
make more cookies than bullets
write more poems than balance sheets?

Could this be the year that no child goes hungry
no woman abused no man homeless
nobody unloved?

Could this be the year that the salmon swim
the songbirds sing the coyotes dance
in greater numbers than we have ever known?

Could this be the year we stop serving the machine
the machine begin serving us
we begin serving life?

Could this be the year the ancient promise comes true
you know the one I mean of peace on earth
good will to all?

- Larry Robinson

Larry's poem expresses what all of us feel in our hearts. If you want to receive his daily poem (free) write to him at

The poems he chooses (from a variety of sources, mostly modern) are quite wonderful. If you want to become more acquainted with some of the best poets writing today (plus an occasional bit of verse from Rumi), write to him.

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