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Friday, January 25, 2008

Rothko (poem) 

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(Mark Rothko was one of the most famous and (to many) most puzzling painters of the last century. His work consisted mainly of bands of color, which, strangely, seem to cohere into a mystical presentation of light and ineffable transcendence. Indeed, Rothko himself is often called a mystic, though I am not sure he would have accepted that description.

Rothko was (like many great artists) totally obsessed with his work. He applied himself relentlessly to the production of his special creations. As always, when I reflect on such prolific and thoroughly original creators, I wonder about the connection between artistic spirit and kundalini energy. Several observers have suggested such a connection, for these creators seem to possess a more than human energy and vision.

For me, there is also a parallel between his capturing of the "essence" and the action of kundalini, which takes away (often) external considerations and brings us into the very heart of our being.)


Something about the way
the paint moves
across the surface.

How the light strikes
the layers, the unfolding
path of the formless form.

How he poured
his soul (unproved)
into his work
like glaze.

Abandonment of the extraneous,
compression to source.

The invisible
to be seen,
before the voice was heard,
the land and the waters

What energy possessed
this swimmer in the wine dark sea?
How did the brain ignite,
unveil this hidden knowing?

Dorothy Walters
January 23, 2008

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