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Friday, May 02, 2008

Turning to Light 


The jeweled cloud sways


Meanwhile our cells

are turning to air,

finer and finer arrangements

of light.

from Marrow of Flame

I wrote this poem over ten years ago, but I think it was a clear prediction of what is taking place today. More and more of us are experiencing this "turning to air," and becoming indeed "finer and finer arrangements of light." At that earlier date, many of us talked about what was going to happen as we moved into our next stage of evolution. Now, I believe, that we are in the midst of it.

Recently, someone wrote me to ask if there were special energies coming onto the planet at this time, since she and her partner were experiencing strong infusions of rapture. My answer is indeed this appears to be the case, though not everyone is being moved into states of bliss. Many of my friends who are extra sensitive report that they are undergoing pain of various kinds, as though they were absorbing into their bodies the agonies of the earth itself as it confronts potential devastation. Different people will react to such intensification of the cosmic vibrations in different ways.

I again had an unusual session this morning. I did somethng different--something I have not done for a long time. This is what happened.

First, I took a long and very hot shower. I find that this is one of the best ways to "open up" the body, not only the physical pores but the spiritual elements as well. Then, instead of listening to music, I focused on certain sacred objects I possess. (For such practice of awakening the inner energies, it is best to wear as little clothing as possible, so that the body can--as the Zens say--breathe.) Then I sounded my two singing bowls, one small and the other medium, to "tune" the body. And now I picked up a crystal which has been in my possession for many months, but which, for some reason, I did not truly relate to. This crystal, said to be from sacred Mt. Shasta area, is rather large. Green in color, it covers my entire palm. Holding it near, I began to move it in circles in front of my body, and as I did so, I felt delightful sensations here and there. As I moved upward, I had another "breakthrough" opening--this time of the throat area.

In my original awakening experience, only four chakras had opened fully--first the lower two, then the upper two, as the energies shot into my head. My solar plexus, heart, and throat did not open. My heart opened quite some time later during an exquisite and intensely ecstatic practice.

But not the solar plexus or throat. Now, as I moved my crystal in front of my throat area, I felt lovely sensations throughout, including the cheeks themselves. It was gratifying to experience such responses after so many years. It is as if my process, which has gone on so long, is now in a stage of polishing and refining the reactions. It feels as though everything should be open as we move into what may be a final stage.

These were not intensely ecstatic, heavy sensuous feelings. Rather, it was, once again, like being stroked by long stemmed roses. I have felt similar sensations in the past by "stroking my aura" with my hand (in this process, the hand remains always a few inches above the flesh.)

Again, I report these personal experiences because I am in such a late stage in my journey, and we all are hoping to learn more about what kundalini is and how it is affecting each of us. In my case, I am reporting what is going on with a woman in her eighty-first year, who has been experiencing the energies now for some twenty-six years. Frankly, I still consider the whole phenomenon remarkable, but am happy, certainly, to continue to play my part.

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