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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two Poems and a Reflection 

At Last I am Ready

Now at last
I am ready to do
the ten thousand

Over the many
I have already made
nine thousand nine hundred
and ninety-nine.

It is the last bow
that matters.

Dorothy Walters
May 5, 2008


The secret is
that the Self that you pray to
is really your own self.

And the Self that answers
speaks with your mouth.

Find out who you are.

Dorothy Walters
May 5, 2008

I have been thinking recently about the nature and usefulness of "rapture," blissful meditation. Of course, for me, one of the primary ingredients has long been sacred music and/or chanting. Yesterday, I listened through my earphones to the Dalai Lama's Healing Prayers, a CD which was given to me and which (I understand) he does not wish to be sold but rather something always to be received as a gift.

For me yesterday's gift included a special experience unlike any I have known before. As I listened (this time fully clothed--it was cold in my living room), I held the edge of my light hand held player to various chakras and other places on my body, beginning with the throat and working my way down, then back up again. Each position was a place of indescribable pleasure, as the energies were stirred into spiritual rapture. Often I wish we had a "vocabulary" of bliss to describe the many states if rapture, just as the Inuit have many words to describe various types of snow. But we do not, and it is extremely difficult to capture in words this most subjective of experiences. But yesterday, the feeling was essentially the joy of feeling opened and healed, of being made whole.

Let us always remember that rapture has been the lot of many on the spiritual path for centuries past--Saint Teresa, St. John of the Cross, Rumi, Mirabai, the poets who sang of the "Beloved Within"--all had refined their energies to the point where physical sensation merged with spiritual exaltation. I am not, of course, comparing myself to these elevated souls, but I am always grateful to be allowed to taste a bit of what they experienced so beautifully.

One who follows this path is always open to the criticism of those who feel this is a "sensual" path, or one which takes the devotee away from the true journey. For me, it is the highest path (at least the highest I expect to discover in this lifetime). It is felt as merger with the unconditional love of the divine, and what more might one wish?

Some teachers warn against such experiences, lest they make the pupil feel "special." But, I wonder, are we to refuse such gifts out of such fear--should we "slam the door on God" or should we humbly, with deep devotion and gratitide, accept such blessings as come our way.

And--as I close my meditation, I dedicate whatever I may experience to prayers for those in need, first for those I know personally in need of sustenance, and then to all sensate beings. Joy and compassion are not antitheses. At the highest level, they become one. There are many paths to God, but this is mine.

I wish you blessings on your path, whatever that may be.

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