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Friday, August 29, 2008

Crows and Waves 

Crows and Waves

It is said that when crows fly over long distances, they can remember every single item on the landscape below--trees, ponds, roads--all of it. Some of us are, I think like crow--we can remember detailed information pertaining to computers, maps, data of various kinds. Such folks tend to be computer whizzes or rocket scientists. They control and hold and relate well with the myriad details of a vast field of data. They sometimes have little awareness of overall connection of their own field of expertise and the larger world in which it is contained. They may have difficulty thinking holistically, for they are intensely focused on the particulars.

Others are more like waves. The wave dashes against the rocks, splays outward in a seeming frenzy of delight, and withdraws for the next effort. The wave does not remember the contours of the rocks, its various cracks and protrusions, nor does it recall its own shape as it flings itself forward and shatters in joy. It is given over to the process, and cares nothing for the minutiae of context. People like this are often artists, shamans, and priests (of certain select esoteric orders, the hidden Melchizideks among us.) They grasp the essence, not the miniscule components. They may take great joy in natural beauty, such as a waterfall, and are not concerned with, say, how many gallons pour forth each second, or what the mineral content of the water is. They are often quite "open" to their environment, and hence can frequently assume the shape (the feeling or vibrational tone) of whatever surrounds them--for better or worse. They often make excellent energy healers and musicians, poets and artists. They feel at a deeper level.

And the lucky few combine the talents of the both types. They are artists of the soul and artists of life, and can bring the two realms together gloriously in their own creative efforts. They offer us the many innovative and exciting sites now coming forth on the internet. They use technology to good purpose, bringing together imagination and technical expertise, inspiration and accomplishment. They represent the best of left brain and right brain fusion, and thus are in the forefront of the process we call “evolution of consciousness.”

Will we all possess such disparate capacities in future when the great quantum leap into new awareness occurs?

August 28, 2008

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