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Monday, September 08, 2008

Articles of Faith (Larry Robinson) 

ARTICLES OF FAITH by Larry Robinson

Faith is a priceless treasure which some would invest in money and power, seeking private gain. Others of us invest in a vision of a world which may yet come to be: a world of justice, peace and beauty. We place our faith in life itself.

We Believe

Life is infinitely creative, resourceful, reliable and ultimately good.
Human beings are an expression of that life force and, as such, are creative, resourceful, reliable and fundamentally good.
All life is inextricably connected - what happens to any of us happens to all of us.
Evil exists as a potential in all human beings and it derives from the illusion that we are separate from each other and from the fountain of life.
Evil cannot be vanquished by force of arms or by fear. It can only be conquered by love.
In the power of love and direct non-violent action to
transform institutions, social systems and the human heart.
The arc of human history moves toward democracy, justice and an appreciation for our wondrous multiplicity of expression.
It is the right of all people to enjoy life, liberty and the security of person; to be treated equally under the law; to enjoy freedom of thought, conscience and religion; to free expression and association; to have free access to clean water and air.
It is possible for all human beings to be free from economic want and poverty and to live with dignity.
Peace among and within nations is only possible when these rights are assured to everyone.
The most fundamental responsibility of government is to ensure the health and well-being of the land and of all its inhabitants.
Individual rights must be balanced with responsibility for the well-being of the community.
The success and survival of our civilization and, possibly, that of the human race are in increasing jeopardy because of our commitment to an unsustainable pattern of resource consumption, particularly our dependence upon fossil fuels.
While our planet's physical resources are finite, the resources of love and imagination are without end.
It is indeed possible to create a society which lives sustainably and harmoniously within the parameters of our planetary life support systems.
We have a responsibility to live in such a way that we do not diminish the opportunity for future generations to enjoy the same quality of life which we enjoy.
A human birth is a precious gift that is accompanied by a responsibility to act with generosity, sensitivity and compassion for all living beings.
In doing our best to leave a better world for our children.
All people, individually and collectively, are capable of learning from their mistakes.
Life inherently includes suffering, but we have a responsibility as members of the human family to do what we can to ease that suffering and to structure our social institutions in such a way as to minimize unnecessary suffering due to poverty, disease, war, injustice and environmental degradation.
Joy is also an inherent feature of life and it is possible to participate joyfully in the suffering of the world.
Each and every life has inherent value and is worthy of respect.
In poetry, art, music, dancing and the spirit of play.
In the power of truth.
At the heart of all things is an ineffable mystery worthy of awe and wonder.
It is this faith which informs, guides and sustains our work in the world.

- Larry Robinson

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