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Friday, October 31, 2008

Poem by Larry Robinson 

All Hallow's Eve, 2001

Larry Robinson

Above the deep-piled carpet of maple leaves
the madrones are slipping free
of summer's brown paper wrapping,
eager to show off their new winter coats.

The afternoon rain still drips
from the canopy of oak, fir and pine.
Across the creek a turkey chuckles
as a woodpecker beats a drum.

The light is passing swiftly now,
passing from the face of this land.
Shadows are lengthening everywhere,
reaching out across our lives.

Should we not, then, dare to love boldly,
more boldly than ever before -
as if the fate of the Earth itself
depended upon our loving?

And still the stars will surely rise,
revealing the Soul's deep secret:
that the eye can see farther in the dark of night
than ever it could by day.

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