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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Final Moment (poem) 

Final Moment

I don’t think anyone
knew this would happen.
The sudden burst of light
not there, but here,
inside the head,
where only thoughts lay
sleeping before.
Without noise,
indeed no sound at all,
just this one great flash,
meteor exploding phosphorescent,
consuming all,
taking what had been,
whether of memory
or desire,
and all to come,
leaving only the
fires everywhere.

Dorothy Walters
October 25, 2008

(Image from Hubble Site with credits to: William B. Latter (SIRTF Science Center/Caltech) and NASA)
As the times grow more and more critical, and as the sense of impending Apocalypse gains ground over the world, many of us will have dreams of coming disaster. These need not be interrupted as nightmares, nor do they need to drive us into fear or hysteria. I think the trick is to stay calm even in the face of possibilities we do not welcome.
I strongly believe that death itself is simply a transition to another state of consciousness, one not bound to the body or material form. Should our own earth existence end abruptly, our awareness would continue, now unbounded, indeed freer than it has been on earth. We are who we are, no matter what the change in circumstances. (And I think kundalini itself does much to suggest such possibilities--it lights the way to new states of being and helps us prepare for other modes of consciousness.)
Of course, these are simply my own personal beliefs, and I do not mean to imply that therefore we should be unconcerned about the fate of the earth or ourselves as inhabitants of the planet. But signs of all kinds tell us that we best wake up and face the reality of our situation, changing what we can, acknowledging the truth of what remains to be changed.
The greatest threat of all is, I think, the current ecological crisis. If we destroy the very home we inhabit (and its systems are telling us that it is failing fast), then the other issues--the economic collapse, the futile military struggles in which we are embroiled--and certainly the "non issues" like whether we will "allow" people of the same sex who love each other (or don't) to marry in civil court--all these will be seen as irrelevant as we struggle for basic survival.
Last night I watched a documentary on the growing threat of global warming. What the scientists who have monitored this process for years now say is that it is happening much faster than anyone had predicted, and we now have a window of possibly ten years to stave off total disaster (when the process becomes irreversible.) How many know this? How many are able to confront the truth of our situation? How many are willing to give up personal comfort, to change our ways of building and living in order to bring back balance to our ecological systems and save--not just the animals--but ourselves?
There are ways of doing all of the above, if we but apply the knowledge already available to us from those who have pioneered new ways of living on this planet. Houses can be constructed which require very little in the way of energy. Even the houses we now live in can be made much more energy efficient. We can build autos which require much less fuel, and, even better, use mass transit for many of our needs. And of course, we can expand alternative energy sources, which we are already coming into use. There are ways and ways, but we need to wake up and focus on solving this problem of all problems, before we and our problems simply disappear and earth begins to heal itself of all that we have inflicted upon it.
And--in the midst of all--we can still embrace our joy--in our connection with the higher reality, with our friends, our creativity, our love of nature. None of these requires money or expenditure of fossil fuels. It is all there for the taking. Help yourself!

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