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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ghost Horses (poem) 

Ghost Horses

That night the hotel grounds
were sheathed in silver,
flakes floating down
as if the moon itself
were celebrating,
ivory streamers
shivering to earth.

At midnight
we saw them,
ghost horses
gathered not far away,
was this once pasture
that was theirs
now nothing but
dream snow
to graze on,
lingering spirit forms.

How still they were.
How careless
of who might watch.

Both of us saw,
we gazed down in silence
from our warm sanctuary
at last went to bed
never spoke of it

Dorothy Walters
November 12, 2008
(Photo by Steve Garufi )
The above poem is based on a true experience. It was one of the strangest sights of my life. I never found our how or why the horses came there, or where they went afterward. Apparently, they were spirit beings, moving briefly into out world.

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