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Saturday, November 22, 2008

In a Strange Tongue (poem) 

In a Strange Tongue

Say you went on a journey
to a place
that was not on the map,
saw many strange sights there,
temples made of jade,
elephants with tusks of gold,
made love every night
with a different stranger.

Say you woke up one day,
found gold dust
in your pocket,
a bracelet of jade
wrapped around you wrist,
all else gone.

Who would listen
to your story?
Who would believe
your traveler’s fairy tale?
Now you are
the outcast other,
the changeling
come home,
the revenant tapping
at the window,
speaking in a strange
which no one understands.

Dorothy Walters
November 17, 2008

After we undergo what is literally a "mind-blowing" experience, we often find ourselves feeling extremely alienated and even isolated from our former "community" of friends, family, and other associates. We have undergone an event so tremendous that it is truly indescribable, beyond the power of words to express. Indeed, what happened was not a "word" experience. It was the real thing, something that took place in our very guts and souls.

And--though we are indeed grateful for this whirlwind of the spirit, we realize that we are no longer like the "others," those who have gone along undisturbed in their lives, secure from revelation that might threaten their personal safety zone. We can no longer communicate on the same level. We are now a stranger in our own home, our own life. Our identity is changed forever.

This is why it is so essential to find kindred souls who have undergone similar transformation, whether of kundalini or spiritual awakening or other sorts of sudden transition to another level of consciousness. And, it is consoling to know that the numbers of such are increasing exponentially, for this is essential energy that is thrusting us all up into a new stage in our common evolutionary journey.
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It isn't easy to be a pioneer, but it certainly keeps life interesting.

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