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Friday, November 14, 2008

Is Something Happening? 

Something seems to be going on. The energies are stirred up on many levels. The election (with its joys and also its disappointments), the economic crisis bringing great losses to many, the prevalent fear about the future--all of this plus a full moon seems to have put us in a strange phase where surprises occur all around and we don't know what to expect next.

Many are losing not only their homes but their savings and their livelihood. Others are devastated by the continuing oppression of gays and lesbians (see the Christian Science Monitor article today--which asserts that the passage of "proposition 8" in California is in fact a national problem). Some of my friends are experiencing serious physical ailments. Others are having difficulty in their relationships.

For me, last week was one of the strangest ever. Even before that, I had noticed an odd discomfort and itching at the base of the spine, similar to what I had felt years ago immediately before kundalini awakening. I wondered if something was stirring again--a new energetic opening? Then, a few days later, I had food poisoning and was extremely ill, but fortunately the symptoms only lasted for a day or so. Then I had an attack of something like arthritis (weather related?) in my shoulder and elsewhere. I was scheduled to go with a friend to Starhawk's spiral dance on Saturday, but woke feeling too ill to go, yet not wanting to disappoint my friend. She called that morning from out of town, said she had waked up during the night worrying about me, wondered if I was o.k. She suggested we not try to make the ceremony (much to my relief.) Then I got better, but again felt ill a couple of days later (heavy barometric pressure triggers something like migraine for me--and does me in for several hours.) While I was sitting there wondering if I had enough strength to go across the street to the grocery store, I found an e-mail from a friend in another state, saying he wondered if I was having low energy that day. Right on target.

And--I had some wonderful energetic experiences as well. I seemed to pick up rather glorious energies from another friend who came by--felt great bliss just by her presence. I was surprised by this--I get energetic "hits" from art work, vases, music and sometimes people or places, but somehow this felt different.
I soon recovered from my "under the weather" experience, and feel fine now--we are having glorious sunny weather to boot!

Today I sense that my energetic body is quite active. It feels like good chi , electric and vital. As I sat down to the computer, I began an almost involuntary movement of my hands and arms--and felt the soft flow. I was even able to "feel" my wrist and lower arm just by moving my other hand above it. Sometimes I had to look to make sure I wasn't actually touching my arm.

A friend tells me this is the sort of thing that used to happen on Star Trek (for some reason, I never watched this show). Maybe it is an indication of the future. Maybe we are in a time of major transition to the new consciousness. Certainly, we seem to be more and more connected, more in touch with "the field."

Some people think this "weirdness" is related to the full moon (happening now). Some studies report that crime increases at the time of the full moon, beginning three days before, peaking on the night of the full moon itself, then subsiding over the next three days. Others of us seem to enter an "altered state," where things are experienced in a different way. They are more in touch with their bodies, or more attuned to astrology or Tarot or become more psychic or feel things at a deeper level. They may become more emotional or intuitive or experience more extra sensory perception. They may channel more freely, have dreams of connection or precognition, suddenly know what the future holds. The right brain takes over and the left recedes, no longer the master of the mental house. We return to something more like dream state, a different reality. We may fall easily into trance, or resonate with the mental states of others.

Some think that every once in a while surges of cosmic energy hit earth from outer space, producing an amping up of earth (our own) energies, which we then experience as pleasure or pain. Some think all this is a preparation for major planetary transition in 2012.

I don't know the cause, but I feel that something of special significance is going on at this time. What do you think?

(Image is from the site called "does-the-full-moon-really-make-people-crazy ")

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