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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Too Sweet (poem) 

Too Sweet

I am not going
to scream about it.
Or sob and feel wounded again
for all those years.

I carry memories, yes,
as do we all—
but these things happen.
We get scratched
and bruised a bit
as we trudge along.
Always, something
like that famous fly
getting in the lotion,
the bit of debris
drifting near the
birthday cake
at the party.

In fact,
I must be honest.
What happened was not only
not all bad,
some of it was too good
to be reckoned with,
too sweet to savor,
a gift so precious
it could only be
looked at
now and again,
kept locked as a treasure,
no one knows
what became of the key.

Dorothy Walters
November 18, 2008
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