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Monday, November 24, 2008

What Kind of Wisdom? (Poem) 

What Kind of Wisdom

Even now,
they don't believe.
Say you can thrust
a nail through your cheek
or fly through the air,
leap like a frog,
only because you have faith,
think it can happen.

What kind of wisdom is that?
Can fish fly
if they wish hard enough?
Alligators shrink
into gnats?
Can I sail off the cliff
all the way to the moon
just because I had
a dream of going there
last night?

Who are these people?
Why are they so
intent on ruling on
what can or cannot happen?
Their boundary skins
are fastened tight,
proof against any unfamiliar touch
or sensation.

I think they will never
feel the bliss currents flowing,
sense the light around the body,
hear music in their bones.
Know how it is
to open up,
allow the Other
to come in.
Dorothy Walters
November 17, 2008
(Image from the Transcendental Meditation Website:
http://www.tm.org/enjoy/advance/accelerate.html _

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