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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hymn to the Nameless One (poem) 

Hymn to the Nameless One

It is true, yes,
that still I cannot name you.
Nor can I describe
your face,
never having seen it.
What I know is
that you have come to us
again and again,
often as the thing they call
or as landscapes pregnant with joy,
as sound like music
drifting from a shell.

Now as the year swings down,
and the darkness encloses
even the smallest bird,
the largest animal,
and we too enter the hour
when everything is falling
into the twilight
of not knowing,
what we ask is that
you be with us,
not as a pillar of fire
nor a blaze across
the heavens,
but like water
at rest in a pitcher
which catches the morning light
and is filled
with radiance.

Dorothy Walters
December 24, 2008

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