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Monday, December 08, 2008

Poem by Tukaram 


Words are the only Jewels I possess

Words are the only Clothes that I wear

Words are the only food

That sustains my life

Words are the only wealth

I distribute among people

Says Tuka,

Witness the Word

He is God

I worship Him

With my words
Tukaram was born in 1608 in India. One of the outstanding "poet/saints" of the era, his work was popular with a wide audience. Obviously, he was in love with language, and felt that it was itself a repository of divine energy. He was initiated without an intermediary (that is, he experienced an internal initiation, without benefit of guru or priest.) Today we might look on such an event
as "spontaneous kundalini awakening."
(Image from http://www.poetseers.org/spiritual_and_devotional_poets)

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