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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Speak to Your Heart (poem) 

Speak to Your Heart

When we are frightened
the heart closes.
It cannot tell us its need.
It becomes a small fist
carrying its own
which is its pain,
its lost remembrance
of all that soothed it
so long ago.

The sunlight on the path,
the room filled
with the scent of roses,
the touch of the lover's hand--
these are lost
like a small boat
and taken in the swells of the sea.

Speak to your heart.
Let it whisper
its grief.
Let it know
that you are here,
that you will not leave
even when your robe
is tattered
and the only sound
is the wind's lost child
crying to come in.

Dorothy Walters
December 23, 2008

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