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Monday, December 29, 2008

The Summing Up (poem) 

The Summing Up

The invitations
kept coming
and I kept on opening them,
one by one,
finding here
a curious trail
with strange animals peering,
there an improbable

Who knew it would
lead to where we are today?
Who could have guessed
such indescribable

And every pore
kept opening
to something
which was
and was not
who it truly was.

At first it was images floating in,
strange shapes
and numbers
and unlikely geometric
forms piled on one another,
at first one by one,
then by multiples and scores.

Then there were
the dreams.
Who has not traveled to
a strange city,
an unknown landscape,
but who has gone there
not alone
but alongside the other
who is also dreaming you?

The boundaries broke.
Another's thoughts
were yours,
and yours were
always shared.
Speech not necessary.

From the first
it was like this.
Something unknown,

Unwind the
twisted thread of memory.

One at the beginning said,
look at the rose,
peer into its
hidden parts,
feel its secret
blush on your

Something indefinable
but real,
majestic presence,
trees observing,
where were you now??

Little villages of trees.

Color in autumn
as if the sunset
had been wrung dry
into the hills.

Always a progression
into a new level
of awareness.
More than a moment,
a moving revelation,
a continuing reenactment
of the self
in a new key.

Dorothy Walters
December 1, 2008

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