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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Patricia has done it again! 

Patricia has done it again--or "A Star is Born"

Dear Friends,

As most of you know, it was Patricia Lay-Dorsey who originally set up this blog for me and has monitored it ever since. I have written before about her many, many talents and achievements--as an artist, teacher, social worker, musician, social activist, writer and others too numerous to mention. Then she became a digital photographer as well, and began to incorporate her photos of friends and strangers, places and interesting perspectives into her blog site, which was read by a world audience.

But now she has done something even more remarkable. A few years ago she began to focus on what some call "art photography." These are carefully selected and meticulously composed images which take us beyond the usual parameters of seeing. The art photographer is an artist of a special kind. Patricia began to put her work up on a photography site (PBase) and it soon attracted the attention of other first class photographers, some world renowned.

Patricia has now had her own album of photos included in the launch issue of a new on line photography magazine named "Burn." This is a great honor, accorded to very few, for the editors maintain extremely high criteria for their selections. Her work is magnificent, and the result is that congratulations are pouring in from all over the world. Most of those responding are themselves photographers of a high order--some are world famous. They are lavishing high praise on her offerings--such enthusiasm is rare in any art field, I think. They recognize that a gifted talent has now emerged into the larger world community of visual artists.

I too am celebrating Patricia's triumph. She has poured thousands of hours into perfecting her craft which now is displayed so brilliantly in this collection. And I feel much like a proud parent, for I have watched both Patricia and her talents grow over the years, and now see her reaping the notice and recognition which she so totally deserves.

Do go to her site and see her exhibition--and be sure to read the many comments which have poured in. Indeed, a star has been born.


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