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Friday, January 02, 2009

Poem by Kalidas (Lawrence Edwards) 

This lovely poem by Kalidas (Lawrence Edwards of the Anam Cara Center) is a wonderful way to begin our New Year. It offers much material for reflection, and reminds us of the joy to be attained through dedication and service to the Mother. The Mother is the Mother of all, giving birth to the universe along with all beings in it, and Kundalini is one of Her many names.


Now is the End.
Now is the Beginning.
Give your attention to this point.
Give all your attention! Now!

My dear one,
All beings are born longing to be enveloped in love.
All beings long to be joyous, free and at peace.
All are sons and daughters of the One Loving Source,
longing for that sublime union once again.

The one who harms a child brings pain to the Mother.
One who loves and protects Her sons and daughters
receives the joy and blessings of the Mother.
Harm none and win Her favor!
Her gifts are beyond the mind's vain imaginings!
She will fill the space emptied of selfish pursuits
with boundless Ecstasy
as She embraces every cell of your body
making it quiver with joy!
Had you forgotten that this was possible?
How many life times have you sought this?

All desires are but desires for the One.
All joys are but projected fragments of the One.
The Wise, taking refuge in the One,
Relinquishing the one and
Choosing the One,
Moment-by-moment 'til choiceless awareness remains,
Walk in freedom,
Radiating Compassion for all.

Following the Way,
Let us walk,
skip, dance together
until all are free!

by Kalidas

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