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Friday, January 23, 2009

Things to Take With Me 

Things to Take with Me

If I must choose,
then of course
it would be that day
in the mountains,
the sun rinsing the pines
to a new clarity,
scarlet berries
glistening in their
lush green beds,
you lying there,
me watching in wonder.
That day I had hoped
for passion,
but it was instead
a rare purity,
a sense of everything
cleansed and new
as if a rainbow had come
to announce stillness
after agitation,
a softness of light
appearing after bright sun,
everything in place.

And if I could choose again
it would be meetings after absence,
kisses too strong to endure,
feeling itself
lighting the room
as if in trance.

And then of course
Something that speaks
not from without
but inside your veins,
coursing like determined
rivulets of joy
through your body
which is neither flesh
nor spirit
but some strange alchemical joining
of the two.

And, finally, surprise of
Such amazement.
Who could have thought
such things possible?
Who would believe
that moments like this could happen?

Dorothy Walters
January 22, 2009

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