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Monday, February 16, 2009

About Angels 

Recently, a friend and I exchanged some thoughts about the nature of angels and the bliss state. (He and his wife are experiencing a kind of simultaneous kundalini awakening.) Here is what he wrote in response to my comments:

I feel that what my wife and I have explored is actually a mere preview of the kind of intimacy, both individual and group if you will, that occurs on higher planes. ..sharing of love, sharing of bliss, sharing of ecstasy, sharing of thought, sharing of pure BEing. . .such joy and bliss as to make our sexual experiences a mere shadow.

At the time of my original awakening, I too had a sense that in the "after world" (after what? maybe ours is the true "after world.") groups of kindred souls would be drawn together to experience what I called "group consciousness." At the same time each would retain individual identity and personal traits. This state would create an authentic "oneness of being."

I still believe that such will be the case, though, of course, there is no way to prove this notion until we actually experience it on another plane.

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