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Friday, February 13, 2009

How to See Angels 

How to See Angels

Stand very still.
Don't breathe,
or if you do,
do it silently.

Be in a familiar place,
or else a new place
which feels familiar.

Under a tree by
running water.
Or else in a church
or temple,
where vibrations of
the holy still linger
in the air.

Incense and candles are
but not required.

If you know a prayer
or a mantra,
this is the time.

Music will help.
Especially kirtans
or hymns.

Look around
for bits of color,
small flashes of light.

Close your eyes
for one brief moment,
then open and turn very slowly.

Listen for something that
sounds like a wooden flute
playing in the distance.

You will feel a
quiet breeze pass over you.
Your cells will brighten,
and you will give a little sigh.

That is when it will happen.
There will be a soft rush of wings.
a blur of shining movement. . .
Everything will light up
as if you are standing
in an aura of sweet feeling.

Now look straight ahead:
an image will appear
at the corner of your eye,
white wings hovering against
a field of
blue and gold. . .

Your heart will
and you will become
two lovers kissing.

When you awaken,
you will find
a single feather
in your hand.

Dorothy Walters
Feb. 12, 2009

(Inspired by Philip Booth, How to See a Deer)

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