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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Prophet's Vision 

About 30 years ago I viewed a video of a "trance channel" who predicted that in future some form of extreme heat would be employed to treat cancer. I do not remember the name of the prophet, nor who made the videotape. The other day an item appeared on the T. V. newscast about the use of slender laser wands for the treatment of brain cancer through the use of hyperthermia (high heat)--this treatment seems to be more effective and much less invasive that current methods that involve surgery. When I saw this clip, I remembered the earlier prediction by the psychic I had seen earlier.

Just now I googled the topic on my computer, and found the entry below. This posting was dated 2004, so things may have progressed even further today.

In any event, I felt it rather remarkable that this psychic's prediction had in fact come true.

Here is the excerpt from the google site:

Hyperthermia is a type of cancer treatment in which body tissue is exposed to high temperatures (up to 113°F) to damage and kill cancer cells (see Question 1).
Hyperthermia is almost always used with other forms of cancer
therapy, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy (see Question 2).
Several methods of hyperthermia are currently under study, including local,
regional, and whole-body hyperthermia (see Question 3).
clinical trials (research studies) are being conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of hyperthermia.

Once again, we are left to ponder the relation of "current time" to "future time"--are they indeed the same, as some psychics maintain? Why do some have access to such information pertaining to the "future" and not others? What is the state of consciousness required to obtain such information? How did Edgar Cayce do it?
Whatever other questions they may raise, such episodes remind us that indeed the world is filled with mystery, that our own limited minds can comprehend only a portion of the mystery, and that such occasional "breaks" in the normal sequence of things is not understood by us at this time.
Likewise, spontaneous kundalni awakening is a "break" in the "normal" (expected) course of things and this departure from the norm implies that "anything can happen." What if our world became filled with such aberrations rather than the "expecteds"? What would life be like then?

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