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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine for Those Alone 

Valentine for Those Alone Who Did Not Get One

Here is my heart.
It has been quiet now
for oh so long.
It is waiting to see
what will happen,
if someone will sing to it,
make up a song
that only it can hear.

This is my spirit.
It has been waiting for the song.
Sometimes it pieces out a tune
on a piano,
an old guitar.
It likes music.
It wants to be drenched
in some hidden
the way an afternoon shower
catches you
without your coat
or how you stumble and fall
into the arms
of a rushing mountain stream.

This is my tongue
It is telling you how it feels.
It is saying words
for you to hear,
to know how it is
hearts lying in wait.

(Inspired by Joy Harjo's "This is My Heart")

Dorothy Walters
February 14, 2009

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