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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back on line at last 

Finally, I am back on line. Because of a misunderstanding, I got disconnected from my server, and have spent the last week struggling to get back on. At last, the task is done!

In the meantime, I have been having some wonderful experiences which again remind me of how much is available to us these days. After several weeks of not doing my practice, I returned, wondering if I could still move energies. They responded immediately, and I had a happy session doing such things as stroking my aura (a simple but utterly delightful practice). As I have said before, my energies are now quite soft, but still delicate and delicious. I started by playing my favorite CD--The Chord of Love with Ram Das and Jai Uttal (or is it Krishna Das?) This CD is hard to find, but it is well worth the effort.

Then last Saturday, I attended an introductory workshop for "The Painting Experience." This is a free form workshop, where you are given paper, easel, and paints to do with as you please--no direction, no judgment--only the instructions to "play." Now, for me, this was a significent experience, since I have never explored the visual arts as a creator--in face, I have only held a paint brush in my hand once before in my life. But I had a great time, and splashed happily on the canvas. I even invented a "secret code" to slip in some words now and again, disguising their appearance so that no one could read them, including me. So they were indeed like sand paintings--here for a moment, then gone forever.

But last night was the best of all. A new shop for crystals and other sacred items has opened nearby in Fairfax (north and west of the GG Bridge).The shop itself holds truly magical vibrations--everything from the beautiful crystals to the giant singing bowls radiating bliss into the room.

The guest of the evening was an elder (female) from the Big Island in Hawaii. A native speaker (a special designation) and healer, she held us truly spellbound with her tales of the ancient days of the very early inhabitants of the islands (before the invasion of the missionaries and then the great droves of tourists from the West.) I learned that the very early islanders used only a few spoken words to communicate. Instead, they relied on mental telepathy. When they were first traveling to the islands, they did not use sophisticated maps or equipment to guide them. Instead, each morning, before they got into their canoes, they envisioned their destination (still not known) and "brought the islands to them." Even today, some practice this technique of "bringing to them" something they desire (much like our practice of "manifesting" through meditation.

In addition, they practiced what we call gratitude and affirmations, so they would constantly be in a state of loving grace. In this way, they could all "be in the canoe" together.

Our presenter was Aunty Mahealani, who charmed and entertained us with her stories and her wisdom.

It was a "special" crowd which had gathered at the Crystal Chalice. Their faces were radiant with love, joy and gratitude. Aunty told us that this was the time in history we had long awaited--that in spite of the seeming bad news, we were now in an age long prophesied, and that we--and countless other such groups--were coming together all over the world to receive the new age of light. My neighbor on my right had told me about a recent experience with a healer during which she seemed to levitate. My neighbor on my left described a new potion she has discovered to slow or reverse the aging process. I had felt the incredible vibrations of the giant crystal bowls in the shop, and even experienced sweet energies and even some visualizations (rare for me) when I held my hand over a giant crystal ball in the front.

As I gazed around at this beautiful collection of people, I remembered something I had written in my journal so long ago, when my kundalini energies had first opened. At the time of my awakening (l981) I did not know anyone who had experienced kundalini, or even knew what the word meant. I met very few who had undergone "awakening" (and then only briefly) for years thereafter. I was a "solitary practitioner" in the middle of the country with no one to share my experiences with or to give me advice.

However, in the early eighties, I had a series of premonitions about the future. One was that kundalini was a process of universal awakening, a process which would start slow but which would gain momentum as time passed. At first, there would be only as few of us experiencing the new light. Later, we would begin to find one another, and reinforce each other's growth through exchange of energies. Then, the movement would spread exponentially, until vast numbers were involved.

As I gazed about the room in the shop, and saw the glowing faces of so many advanced beings (most much , much younger than I), I realized that this was the time I had foreseen--this was the era of major transition. These were the very people who had been predicted. We were together the people we had been waiting for. And I had, I felt, been allowed to be one of the first of the new dispensation, to go alone into the unknown territory of the (then) future, which was now our present. And now we were moving forward together.

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