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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just Being There (poem) 

Just Being There

Today, in the park,
I was looking for something
colorful and brilliant--
new flowers flaming,
grass blazing across
the landscape.

Instead, they (those mysterious powers
in charge of such things)
had marked "off limits"
much of where I was expecting
to go
to see the spring fire
and no one was allowed
to enter.

I continued my walk
along the meandering paths,
through a world
seemingly drained,
lacking the expected splendor.

But then it happened.
There, where nothing
were great reed-like stems,
their pale arms
catching heaven's final light,
their quiet beauty
reflecting not passion,
but rather a serene wisdom,
presence which didn't have
anything to prove or celebrate,
not trying to be noticed,
but simply there in its soft mellow
sustaining hues,
its sensuous neutral tones
for all who stopped to see.

Dorothy Walters
March 12, 2009

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