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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More on Parallel Universes 

As I noted earlier (see March 15) certain leading edge scientists posit that everything that exists has a twin elsewhere and thus someone exactly like you may exist in another universe, or indeed many exact duplicates of you may exist in many universe. The theory also speculates that everything that has ever happened is also repeated elsewhere exactly or with surprise variations. Each event begets new events, as well as new versions of events. All history is simultaneous. Hence there may be dinosaurs in other universes, where our own "earlier eons" are still ongoing. And, since other universes occupy the same space as our own, there may be dinosaurs in our own living rooms, but since these exist in different “dimensions” we are unaware of them.(The above summary is what I gained from the presentation of Mikio Kuka, based on the notes I took. My account may not be entirely accurate.)

As I reflected on this notion, I came up with some further thoughts on the matter. If the theory of parallel universes is correct, it would explain many of the seemingly unexplainable "paranormal" events in our lives as well as similar accounts from history. Here are a few which come readily to mind:

1. Angels and Ghosts If dinosaurs from other "universes" can exist in our living rooms (though we are not aware of them), why not angels—or friendly spirits—or ancestors—or “ghosts” of the departed. Or all things which seem to come from “another realm”—another plane—another reality. We experience occasional breakthroughs or bleedthroughs—we get glimpses of the other side. Psychics can seemingly pick up these vibrations—feel or see or hear these “phantom realities” from other dimensions.

2. UFO's It has often been suggested that UFO's also may come from other dimensions and that they occasionally visit this planet. Usually we are unaware of them, but once in a while we encounter them in some form—their "other dimensional" origin explains their strange behavior, their ability to “vanish” or speed away or act in peculiar fashion (with sudden turns, incredible speeds).There are many unanswered questions about these unknown visitors: Why do they sometimes leave radiation scars on landscape and humans? Who mutilate the cows? Do they com here with purposeful intention and if so, what is it?

3. Bilocation. If protons can exists in more than one place at once, so can humans (according to this theory). Thus the stories of such ancient gurus as Padmasambhava, the renowned sage who brought Buddhism to Tibet and who taught many converts in different locations at the same time—as well as other such "wizards" of the yogic and magical traditions. Even Krishna (early Indian god) was able to make love with many milkmaids at once (to make love with the god was seen as engaging in devotional practice--likely related to the sense of the "Beloved Within" of many traditions).

And there are many accounts of less known persons who perform astral travel. In the Biology of Transcendence, Joseph Chilton Pearce (who also wrote The Crack in the Cosmic Egg years ago) describes visiting his sweetheart in out of body form. He saw her and she was aware of his presence at the exact time of his visit. Many other such stories exist and there are even workshops and centers where one can (presumably) learn to travel out of body.

4. Long Distance Seeing. Perhaps in the other universes, one can see objects much more remotely. Thus even today some subjects can tap into other states of consciousness to see extremely distant objects. There have been many experiments of remote viewing as well as other individual accounts of personal experience. At one of the earlier conferences of the Kundalini Research Network, I met a woman who could see extremely remote objects during the time of her Kundalini awakening. (Later, the ability vanished.) Similar accounts also occur in descriptions of ancient yogis, magicians, wizards, and Kundalini initiates.

I personally suspect that all of these capacities have to do with the arousal of the Kundalini energies, for these take us into realities which we were unaware of before. I am not at all sure how this is done, but this is my intuitive assessment. We use terms such as psychic, paranormal, extrasensory and such to describe these phenomena, which we do not fully understand. When we experience Kundalini, we step into a higher vibrational state. This allows us (sometimes) to tap into the "other dimensions" of the "parallel universes." And, in these states of vibrational intensity, we also may experience ecstasy (as well as pain, when the energy flow is blocked).

Perhaps "reality" has more to do with states of consciousness than states of matter. When science deals with material reality and calls it "the universe," it is ignoring many other levels of perception, from spiritual to aesthetic to emotional to subjective responses of all kinds. But science is gradually opening to a new vision, for the old theories simply do not hold up under today's discoveries.

(More to follow on parallel universes at a later date.)

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