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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spiritual Teachers on Link T. V. 

Link TV (available on Direct TV at 375) will offer the following series of interviews of major spiritual teachers by Phil Cosineau:

April 12 The Spiritual Quest
April 19 In Search of Ecstasy
April 26 Earth Wisdom: For A World in Crisis
May 3 Forgiveness and Healing
May 10 Breaking Bows and Arrows
May 17 Music, Sound and the Sacred
May 24 At the Heart of the World: Elder Brother's Warning
May 31 Art and the Creative Spirit
June 6 Rumi, Poet of the Heart
June 14 The Journey Towards Oneness

The series includes interviews with Robert Thurman, Sobonfu Some, Ed Tick and Kate Dahstedt, Azim Khamisa, Alan Jones, Joanne Shenandoah. Andrew Harvey and others. If I find out more, I will let you know.

This promises to be a valuable series, though it is still quite "mainstream" for many of us. No mention is made of Kundalini, which is still considered a "far out" topic by the majority and which is, in my view, the underlying impetus for many of the various spiritual and artistic movements occurring now (of course, I am prejudiced in this respect.) Though Kundalini is still not widely known, those of us involved in its process are, in my view, in the vanguard of global spiritual awakening and hence very fortunate.

However, news of Kundalini is spreading. SoundsTrue, a major source for spiritual CD's and books for many years, is bringing out an anthology on Kundalini sometime this year. I was privileged to write a chapter for the book and I will let you know when it is published. I was thrilled that this topic is now finding a wider audience.

Many of us (most in fact) are not well known. We may not know why this transformation is occurring in our bodies and spirits, nor what exactly its ultimate goal is. But we have a deep sense of involvement in something of vast significance. And as to what we are supposed to "do" with it--I like what one friend said: "I think we are supposed to carry this vibration." And of course we do this each in her/his own way, giving back according to our own particular talents and abilities.

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