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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is St. Patrick's day, which also happens to be my birthday. I had a great day, first lunching with one of my oldest and dearest friends, then experiencing unexpected delights. We had planned to visit the new Academy of Science Building in San Francisco, but as we drew near, we saw crowds of people pouring out of the building. It seems that somehow the fire alarm had been triggered, and the building was being evacuated. So we decided to go across the mall to the DeYoung Museum to see what was new. Half way over, we heard cello music coming from a young student/ artist seated midway over. The music was truly ethereal, and I for one went immediately into a semi-trance state. Later I asked what he had been playing: Vivaldi's Cello Concerto in A-. The I asked where he had obtained such an exquisite instrument--he explained that he had received it from an anonymous donor. Indeed, the experience was an unplanned and delightful birthday gift.
Then we continued to the DeYoung Museum, where the annual flower show was taking place. This is no ordinary show. Flower artists arrange compositions inspired by the paintings or installations nearest them. Some arrangements follow the actual shapes or forms in the painting, others the colors or tone of the whole. This was like another gift--a dazzling exhibit for sure.
Since it was my birthday, I thought the following poem (printed earlier) would be appropriate:

The Fugitive

As your body goes through
its stages,
remember your inner beauty.

Your inner beauty
is who you truly are.

The wave's crest
before it rises,

a star which hides
in morning light,
burning, luminous, fugitive.
Unseen but always there.

Dorothy Walters
September 10, 2008

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