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Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Computer 

Can a new computer change your life? My answer is yes. I am totally immersed in learning this new technique, and am in fact rather dazzled by all this new device can do. For me it is a great boon to be able to enlarge the type (on most documents, but not on this draft of the post), to move easily up and down the page, and so forth. The computer also offers voice over (haven't tried it yet), a web cam (haven't tried this either), an incredible speaker system,and so forth. Now I realize that I was trying to drive a model T when everyone else was driving a Ferrari.

And, as I mulled over this (for me) dramatic transition, I realize that I had witnessed many such changes in technology in my life. I learned to type on an old fashioned Underwood typewriter, then came the electric typewriter, then IBM Selectric (with its magical correction key, which meant we no longer had to use carbon paper and white out for our student papers, including dissertations),then the early computers (the early Macs were small white boxes with tiny screens), and so forth.

I am always slow to catch on to the new technology,and typically learn about things long after everyone else has gone far ahead. But I do love this new machine--and if I could only discover how to transfer my photos onto the blog, I would be happy indeed.

I have always been a "word person" so this new addition to my life is very meaningful. In particular the new screens and the capacity to reverse the colors from black text on white background to the opposite of white text on black background make for much less eyestrain. For this reason alone I recommend this model for anyone with special vision problems. For the first time in many years,I am not going to bed with eyestrain.

This post is a departure from my usual practice, but I am so enthralled by my new acquisition that I am writing about it. After all,it has to do with this blog, which will be much easier to create and post in future.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of spring.

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