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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About "Beyond Belief" and "The Secret" 

"Beyond Belief" is a recent movie/DVD that presents the basic approach of "Neuro Linguistic Programming," also known as "NLP." In a separate post, I pasted the description of the various participants in the film given on its own website, but I could not include my own comments there (computer peculiarity), so I am putting up two separate posts today.

Now, in truth, I know very little about either the film or NLP, but I thought the description was interesting, so I put up the information for you to consider, if you are interested, but I am not endorsing either. The publicity says that this film goes beyond "The Secret" in exploring the Law of Attraction to create a better life for yourself. "The Secret" suggested that you could use the Law to obtain such things as an expensive car, a multimillion dollar house, or even a million dollars. Nothing was said about excessive materialism, the dangers of greed to the soul, or spiritual growth.

Now, I do believe in the Law of Attraction--and I do not believe one has to live in extreme austerity to advance spiritually. Buddha counseled the middle path, one that avoids extremes, and I strongly agree with Buddha on this. Sometimes we do indeed "ask the universe" for that which we need, and I find nothing wrong with this approach, but I also believe there are limits--that we should not seek excess or extremes in terms of material gain.

The thrust of "Beyond Belief" appears to be that one can in fact go beyond the self-imposed limits of creativity and achievement one more or less "inherits" from society. One can do more, be more, create more, and give back more than one might have suspected.

Some very interesting figures are included in the "cast," and they may have something significant to tell us.

What if the Law of Attraction could be applied to society at large as we approach the tipping point into a new future for humanity? What if we give up our limiting opinions as to what is or is not possible in terms of our common spiritual progress? What if we say, "heaven is our limit," and mean it literally?
What if we no longer have to crawl forward but instead together leap to a new level of consciousness?

Those of us undergoing Kundalini awakening know that the seemingly impossible can in fact become the foundation of our life. We know, because we have tested it in our own lives, that our experience can go well beyond the mundane, the expected, the so called "norm."

We also know that as we open up more and more to "non-ordinary experience," our lives will become ever more exciting and fulfilling. We ourselves embody the energies that science now tells us are the basis for all apparent reality. We feel in our own bodies the vibrations that pulsate through the universe. We have, in fact, gone "beyond belief," and we find confirmation in our daily lives that we are part of a process vast and inscrutable, yet of supreme importance.

Movies such as the above serve to spread the word about infinite possibility to those who are exploring these truths at a less profound level, but they are important as vehicles for increasing public awareness of the direction in which we are heading. As yet, many contemporary writers and speakers from the field of science fail to note the parallels between many of these "breakthroughs" and those of traditional Buddhism--and no one mentions Kundalini as the means through which we enact and receive the energies in our own systems.

I think that the real secret is Kundalini and how it transfigures our lives,
and how it offers experiences "Beyond Belief."

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