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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Celebrity Lover

I knew from the


that you were only


Lover who climbs in

through the window

at midnight,

leaves before dawn.

You never made

any promises,

swore no vows.

But I knew your


How many you had


wooed with precious gifts

and assurances,


left behind

like yesterday's leftover fish.

The blazing star

who leaves a

score or more weeping

in his wake,

path strewn

with broken hearts.

So when you left

my heart was not


I did not wail and pour ashes

on my head.

I did not grieve

in public,

didn't even tell

my best friend.

Still, sometimes

I miss you.

Wonder where you

went, what you are doing

now, your latest conquest.

If I will ever see you again.

Dorothy Walters

April 23, 2008

(Note: the above poem is intended not only for those who have been betrayed by their human loves, but also for those who have been "seduced," then abandoned by those they admired, such as teachers, mentors, gurus, and others.)

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