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Monday, April 12, 2010

First Light 

First Light

Think of it as a door,

a gateway.

A portal to perhaps

the ultimate darkness,

death and all it offers,

quietude at last.

Or perhaps a stairway,

ascending into the

blue clouds above,

pointing toward heaven.

Golden light

filling heart

and lungs.

Burden lifted.

Or perhaps just this:

another day

of oak trees

swaying outside the window,

the crocuses coming up

to redeem the season

once more,

the stream hurtling down

bearing the mountain’s

swift abundance.

Whichever way,

why should you


It is what it is

and has always been,

this year

or another year,

a scroll unfolding

into its own radiance

that you call your life.

Dorothy Walters

April 10, 2010

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