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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Laurel Griffin on Energy Healers and How to Ground 

Laurel Griffin, an advanced student of acupuncture, energy healing, and related topics, offered the following when I asked her about energetic healing and Kundalini, as well as suggestions as to how to ground. Sometimes people feel that once they have an awakened Kundalini, they should immediately begin trying to use the energy to heal others. Laurel points out some of the dangers of working with healers who are not sufficiently informed and/or cautious. And she also offers good advice for "grounding," a topic of interest to us all.
You need to be REALLY careful who you see. If a practitioner is not coming from a place of total neutrality there's going to be problems. The kundalini doesn't want to be forced into a direction it doesn't want to go. It's intelligent. It knows what it's doing. If someone thinks "they know what's best for us" and interferes with the energy flow, all hell can break loose. If the healer has ego around what they're doing, don't use them. One of my massage teachers got a strong reminder of this shortly after I first met him. He had a new client, a woman who was young and physically fit. He wanted to make a "good impression" and didn't stay in neutrality. Overdid the massage and worked too many meridians in one visit. She called him the next day feeling very sick and unbalanced. It took her several weeks to regroup. It turned out, that she finally admitted to having active kundalini. So, I stay away from most energy workers. Massage therapists, as well. I only use people who I KNOW won't work against the natural flow of the kundalini. That includes things as gentle as Reiki. I have friends that are Reiki healers that are always offering to "help". I just say "Thank you, no". The best healing method, for me, has been acupuncture. But, I was lucky and found someone who's sensitive enough to intuitively know what she can and can't do. The good thing about acupuncture and acupressure (if they're done with no ego) is that it just augments your own body's energy in clearing blocks and the correct flow of energies. The needles act as little traffic signs suggesting, go this way, or go that way. It doesn't "force"anything. But finding the right practitioner is the key.

I've learned several energetic ways of doing that. The first one I was taught was running an energy cord into the ground. That never worked for me personally, but it seemed to work well for many others, so who am I to say? This always felt cumbersome to me. Like having a long tail or something dragging around with me. Too heavy. In qigong, the first movements are generally to "integrate" you between heaven and earth. There's a movement called "Bringing Down the Heavens" that is helpful. You use your hands to move energy from the ground and up to the heavens and back down again, in a circuit. This is a more balanced approach and, to me, it's very calming. I've googled this and can't find a video, however the first movement in a series called "Eight Pieces of Brocade" is similar and you can find that on YouTube. In fact, the whole series of movement in "Eight Pieces" is very gentle and I've never had (any) issue doing it. Visualization is a good idea when you first start to work with energy, but down the road the real key is "just do it". The energy moves without "visualizing" anything. You just need to have intent to balance. It's important too to stay away from the mind set of "fixing something". Sounds odd, but it's true. Think "balance". Another thing I find helpful (in the good weather) is being outside and even laying flat on the ground. Digging in the garden is good too. Sitting by running water or the ocean. That has something to do with the ions in the air. I've never researched the reasons for that. I just know it works. Also, soaking in a bath with a cup of epsom salts is good to disperse energy. Foot baths would be good too. And, scuffing your feet on the carpet can dislodge stagnant energy as well. Peppermint tea is also good for energy flow.
Thanks, Laurel. And, it is good to remember that what works for one may not work for another, and indeed what works at one time may not work in the future (and vice versa).
(The picture was taken by Laura (prissybev) in the Pacific Northwest.)

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