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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Morning Prayer to the Divine Unseen 

Morning Prayer to the Divine Unseen

Let me be a channel, a conduit, an outlet for Source.

Let my body open to the sweetness that flows from Essence.

Let me remember always that I am a part of a larger happening, a something into which many of us are gathered.

Let me not forget those who are in need, to be touched by light,

awakened into bliss.

Let me feel compassion for self and others.

Let me know forgiveness and gratitude.

Give me strength and ability to fulfill my role.

Let me be not separated, but always a part of that which you are,

endless Radiance, boundless Love.

Dorothy Walters

April 16, 2010

(mandala by Stacy Wills at www.stacywills.com www.amagicmomandhermandalas.blogspot )

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