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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Walk in the Park 

Today was rather special. The weather has (finally) gotten warm enough to make for most pleasant walking, and so, armed with my camera, I went for a long walk along Boulder Creek. Instead of writing about my adventure, I am simply going to put up some photographs of what I encountered in my journey, and tell you what each one is. I might add that I was not the only one drawn outside--there seemed to be enough kids to fill a playground, enough cyclists to people a marathon, and enough dogs to fill a very large kennel. But we all enjoyed ourselves immensely and indeed felt gratitude for the lovely day.

The first photo is of a lovely piece of art on the side of the Dushabi Tea House, a Boulder landmark, that was a gift from a sister city in (Kazakistan?) I believe--they sent the building over in pieces and it was erected and decorated by craftsmen who came along with the materials.

Next is a curious piece of "artwork" along the trail. It appears to be inspired by a group of apostrophes. I confess I don't understand this kind of art, nor do I see why the "unnatural" is allowed to invade the natural setting, since we have precious little of uncontaminated nature available these days.

Here is the creek, the thing in itself, celebrating spring.

Then comes a mural painted on the wall of one of the street underpasses. Charming.

I rested in this curious "chair" somehow formed from rock along the trail.

Last is a cockatoo and one of two parrots. The owner was taking them outside for a stroll and of course they quickly became the center of attention.

Nature is, of course, an important part of your spiritual journey. The energy we call "Kundalini" flows freely in the natural world and when we go into nature, we know that we and it are indeed part of the same field of pulsating light.

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