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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maybe Somewhere (poem) 

Maybe somewhere

Maybe somewhere there is a monk
even though he lived
many years before
our time

He is still there
saying his mantra,
Padmasambava listening,
sacred syllables
his flesh.

Sound ascending,
nada brahma.
Hands turning.
Face of light.

Dorothy Walters
May 29, 2010

This morning, as I listened to a CD of a lama chanting, this poem appeared. And, as the chant continued, I lifted my arms and felt the sweet energies of the aura around my face. As I moved my hands outward, I continued to feel the gentle bliss flows around and over my head. And as I opened my arms even more (now some ten or so inches from my temples) the energies became more and more exquisite. And then I saw (inwardly) , first, a goddess with many arms who thus revealed herself in divine currents of feeling, and then, suddenly, a quick vision of the god and goddess in union (the image that began it all for me so many years ago, Shiva and Shakti, male and female, potential and realization, emptiness and the forms of all creation).

Such blessings are bestowed when we offer ourselves to transcendent experience, allowing our vibrations to move to ever higher levels.

Dorothy Walters
May 29, 2010

(image of the goddess Lalita found at http://www.shivashakti.com/tripura.htm)

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